Josie Del Rio is a character in Leslea Wahl's An Unexpected Role, the short story "More Precious than Gold" in Secrets: Visible and Invisible, and Unlikely Witnesses.

"More Precious than Gold" Edit

Plot Edit

Josie volunteers with Ryan, Sophie, and Jake to go to a camp to help underprivileged children. Josie takes a special interest in a boy named Jet.

She continues to reach out to Jet to help him cope with his brother's death.

Later, Sophie discovers that there is a lost treasure near the camp. Josie shares that information with Jet, which prompts him to investigate and ultimately find the golden cross.

Personality Edit

Josie is rather eager and energetic, although panicky in unusual situations (shown when she screamed when she saw Jake, a celebrity, with Sophie).

She is protective over Jet and takes him under her wing, to the point of sharing the secret of the treasure with him and helped him regain his love for the piano.

"Unlikely Witnesses" Edit

Plot Edit

Josie goes to Double L Dude Ranch with Ryan, Jake, and Sophie for vacation. When a calf is stolen, Josie, along with the rest of the group, vows to get to the bottom of the mystery and uncovers a sinister plot involving the locals.

Trivia Edit

  • Her hobby is theater