The Kids' Favorites Awards is an event in Leslea Wahl's The Perfect Blindside.

Plot Edit

This event is significant due to Jake Taylor finding out that fame has drawbacks in the Kids' Favorites Awards afterparty. Jake meets Dante Foxx at the afterparty and learns the '49ers code, which helps him contact Sophie Metcalf while he is being held against his will in the abandoned mine.

Winners Edit

Jasmine Humphrey-Favorite Song of the Year

Jake Taylor-Favorite Athlete of the Year

Dante Foxx-Favorite New Actor

Celia Lawford-Favorite New Actress (implied by her being present at the photo op)

Aida Lewis-Favorite Supermodel (implied by her being present at the photo op)

Trivia Edit

  • The Kids' Favorites Awards is most likely derived from the real-life event Kids' Choice Awards, due to similar names and the fact that both events have unusually shaped trophies (an ice cream cone and a blimp, respectively)