Lee Grady is an antagonist in Leslea Wahl's The Perfect Blindside.

Plot Edit

Lee is a deputy in the Silver Springs Police Department. Prior to the events in the novel, he gave Sophie Metcalf two traffic violation tickets.

Lee is known for giving out many tickets to citizens and started the Neighbors Helping Neighbors campaign to boost productivity (however, Jake Taylor becomes under the impression he just wanted the restaurant owners to give him free slices of pizza and pie).

Once Jake and Sophie start hiking near the abandoned mine, he gives them a map of other trails and always suggests other activities for them to try. But when they continue to favor hiking near the mine, he slashes Jake's tires and plants a joint of weed in his jeep.

He then pulls Jake over under the guise that Jake was speeding and "finds" the joint. After he calls Jake's parents and tells them that Jake is doing drugs, he leaks the story to the press in order to ruin Jake's image.

When Jake asks how the story is leaked, Lee states that a paparazzi photographer must have seen the whole thing. Jake is unconvinced and believes Lee is hiding something. Lee is followed by a suspicious Jake, and it is revealed that Lee is a drug trafficker and is stashing drugs in the abandoned mine.

While waking up from a nap on guarding the illegal stash, he notices Jake collecting evidence to convict him and holds him hostage at gunpoint. Wanting to gain more money, he comes up with a kidnapping scheme to acquire ransom money for Jake.

Lee is startled by firecrackers outside, and abandons his watch over Jake. This gives Sophie a window of opportunity to rescue Jake. Once all three of them make it to the library, Sheriff Miller arrives, and when Jake and Sophie tell him Lee's criminal activities, Sheriff Miller proposes that they all go up in the mine.

Lee sees the writing on the wall and refuses to go and points his gun at Sheriff Miller. Sheriff Miller promptly shoots the gun out of Lee's hands and arrests him.