Mallory is an antagonist in Leslea Wahl's The Perfect Blindside.

Personality Edit

Mallory is very shallow, self-absorbed, and cruel. As the head cheerleader, she has a mob of adoring fans and reigns as the Queen Bee at the high school. When Jake moves into town, she sees this as an opportunity to date a wealthy celebrity and vies for his attention. She only insults Sophie, discusses herself, and is enamored with Jake's fame.

Plot Edit

Mallory is the first to win Jake over and goes to the Cold Rush Creamery with him for ice cream after school. She continually hints for him to ask her out, but since Jake hates the town, he doesn't want to involve himself with anyone.

After Jake and Sophie share romantic moments together, Jake sees through Mallory and realizes that she is only a pretty face with an ugly heart. This reaches a climax when after learning that Jake's tires were slashed, she demands to know when it'll be fixed so everyone can see her riding around with it. Jake then cut all ties with her.

Trivia Edit

  • It is implied that Sophie was once friendly to Mallory, but something happened that caused the two to hate each other